Sample videos from Excel Trainer

Can you learn through watching videos alone? 

Yes, but there are caveats:

  • content of video matches learners needs
  • learners are focused on finding out how to do something specific
  • learners have a strong motivation
  • learners have the time or capability to “work things out”

Videos can also work very well in support of live learning, before or after the live session.

While there are many Excel videos on YouTube, there are very few structured playlists that are anywhere near comprehensive.  I am addressing this with a series of around 80 Excel videos which I am structuring into an easy to navigate YouTube playlist – due for completion by May 2021.  Please click on any of the videos below and then click on YouTube.

Excel guide to absolute and relative references.

Alternatively choose virtual training – live in person via Zoom

With virtual training, the trainer will typically interact with the learner every 3 -5 minutes .  With 1 to 1 training the learner is actually doing much of the driving with screen share.  Imagine watching any of these videos and having the trainer virtually beside you, guiding you through the materials with the opportunity for the learner to take control of the screen on multiple occasions!